More conversion from your search engine

More and more companies see the advantage of having an excellent search solution. For e-business companies a search engine is an important part of the customer journey. An optimized search engine is crucial for the conversion and revenue of your website.

Knowledge based organizations save time and money when information can be found more quickly. But what are the necessary steps to increase the performance of your search engine? Where do you start? What are the critical steps towards better results?

Extensive experience with search

Luminis has worked with information retrieval and enterprise search solutions since its early days. Our search engineers have been involved in open source search engines such as Apache Solr and ElasticSearch. This means we understand the internal mechanics of a search engine in detail. We share our knowledge about enterprise search at worldwide conferences and publish regularly about this topic. We are especially proud of the customers where we can apply this knowledge to increase their search conversion.

Customer Stories

Albert Heijn (AH)

Smart algorithms to ensure that customers can find the right products as quickly and effectively as possible. beats the competition due to a better converting search engine and a scalable partner channel.

Start with a maturity scan

We recommend to start a project with a maturity scan of the entire search process. This scan will reveal the current maturity of the organization, analytics, technology, content and user experience. Based on the results of this scan we can show where and how you can benefit from improvements. This not only gives you a better perspective of your position but also helps to make better choices to bring you to a better performing search solution.

The five most important success factors

In this white paper you can read about how you can achieve more results with an optimized (internal) search engine. Various customer cases are also explained, including the search engine improvements at and de Kamer van Koophandel.

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