Learning Platform Summar.io

Life-Wide Learning

Learning no longer ends after school or university. The speed of change that most people encounter throughout their lives means an ongoing process of learning, re-learning and familiarization with changed circumstances and possibilities. Our learning platform provides a crucial enabling and partnering platform for implementing personalised learning strategies for customers as well as in the educational market.

  • Follow training any-time, any-where
  • Can be accessed via most devices e.g. smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops
  • Allow learners to make progress at the maximum speed they are capable of
  • Training tuned to reflect the individual’s goals and interests
  • Tutor involvement can be focused where it is most needed, through the provision of overview and detailed information and a wealth of analytical tools

Learning Platform for business

Whereas most digital learning solutions have been built to support the organization and administrative needs of the organization supplying education, our adaptive learning platform has been designed with the individual learner at its core. It takes a data driven approach, whereby all information required for the organization’ back-office needs are available without detracting from the goal of delivering a learning environment that can be integrated into almost any organization. A fundamental objective is to use the latest technology to deliver highly personalized education and training efficiently and effectively. Our learning platform has also been designed to give each learners, tutors, employers and training organizations unprecedented information and insights into learning, progress and achievements.

Learning Platform for schools

The learning platform has been used at schools in The Netherlands under the name Summar.io. Summar.io is a personalised learning environment that is conceived from a learner’s perspective. By combining insights into each individual’s learning performance with a comprehensive approach to learning material development, Summar.io can address the specific needs of each individual learner. Learn more about our platform for schools: www.summario.com

Learning Technology

Our adaptive learning platform is a secure, cloud-based system that can be accessed and used using most modern devices that support one of the leading internet browsers. It is available as a hosted or a managed service and can be run on most public cloud infrastructures as well as on premise. The architecture is data-driven and supports full data level integration with complementary systems.

  • Cloud-based platform can run on most public clouds and on in-house servers
  • All information is securely stored, using open international standards
  • Easy to integrate with related 3rd party systems e.g. H.R., compliance reporting, procurement
  • Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite
  • Open international standards are applied throughout