Soundbyte 125: Beautiful


Great! I’m seriously starting to get the feeling that 2013 is over and that’s just as well on December 30th 😉 There is, to this day, no sign of a White Christmas or any other form of winter precipitation and because of that I am watching a rainy garden while the sun is heating the sunroom I am sitting in. It could be worse …
I don’t feel like writing the last Soundbyte of the year in the classical sense of the word by listing all kinds of predictions for 2014 and close with best wishes for everyone. And just to make sure I don’t forget the latter, I wish everyone the best for next year; Regardless whether this is done through this Soundbyte , a personal embrace or in thoughts. This basically leaves the musings that have formed during the last few days to write about.

Growth by sharing

After the last few days, during which I found the time to bounce back from the busy period of the last few weeks, I finally had some mental space to reflect on the world around me. In that sense I suppose I’m not the only one who wonders what world we appear to awake in. When I add up all the recent adventures in the world around me, I cannot help feeling that currently a number of profound changes are taking place that are not seen let alone embraced by everyone. One of the most important changes to me is the way the structures of society and the economy are changing. If only because of the number of related factors, this change is complex. Whether the continued rise of peer-to-peer money, with for example bitcoins, which faces the financial world with a change they cannot control. Or the increasing administrative powers of Europe, which confronts Member States with a vacuum where once the national governments exerted their powers. Or the overall awareness of the importance of sustainability and the fact that people are behaving accordingly. It all results in a change where ownership is no longer the only startingpoint of business and the relationship between people is becoming an increasingly important building block. The latter is nicely summed up for me in the term P2P business, which is also declares terms like B2B and B2C obsolete.
To me that is one of the hallmarks of the new world which we are growing into. And yes, I see many dinosaurs and existing power systems to resisting, but I think this change is inevitable!
So to everyone the question: What does this mean for you, your relationships and the world in which you live and work?

Luminis in 2013

Aside from the deep thoughts that I have described above, I feel happier every day with the performance we have all shown in 2013. In the beginning of the year Luminis defined 2013 as a year to gain strength and increase our level of professionalism. But in the mean time we have created one hell of an achievement in the complex post-crisis period. And when I browsed through last week’s Conversing Worlds magazine, I only got a stronger confirmation of this feeling. And as Heraclitus already stated with his “Panta Rei”, certainly nowadays, change is the only constant. And this also applies for Luminis. When I look at all the highlights of last year, I can see how we evolve into a modern software technology company. An absolutely stunning performance!

Privacy in 2014

Whilst at it, I would like to reflect on one of the low points of last year: the public acknowledgement of governmental paranoia because we finally start to understand the depth and extent of spying on private citizens by secret services organizations. Meanwhile, the first order reactions start to emerge. Europe is reprimanding the U.S. by renegotiating existing contracts between the EU and U.S. and Brasil is threatening with sanctions through the UN (not just through the UN, but also by signing contracts like these with non-US companies).
The second order reactions is just as important to me: a fundamental review of the way in which countries, and hopefully Netherlands as well, control their respective secret services organizations. This whole thing has shed a different light on privacy for me. I have come to pity the fearmongers and victims of paranoia who use their governmental role to distort trust into a result and not as prerequisite condition for any society…


But I don’t want to end this Soundbyte with a negative message. I want to conclude the last Soundbyte of this year with a performance by Maarten van Roozendaal. Unfortunately he passed away this year, but he is still one of my personal role-models of people who conquer the stage and use it to almost literally devour the world. My summary of 2013, Luminis and everything around me is : “Beautiful”.
Just watch and listen…