Soundbyte 198: Wreck-It Ralph


The holiday season is approaching rapidly. Another week and then the exodus to the South of Europe starts for us. For me this is the time to think about the in-car entertainment (3 children have to sit still for 12 hours and I can assure you, that is quite a challenge for them). Fortunately, we have now iPads (4 will join us) and headphones. My favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph, a film about video games. This will definitely get a place on the iPads. Very nice and highly recommended for the average parent with the same problem.

The holiday season is also a time for me to rest and read some literature. Besides a number of novels by a writer Enschede (Claus Brockhaus), where the plot takes place in Enschede and its surroundings, of course, also a number of IT books will be along. That’s all very easy nowadays, with e-readers and iPads.

This year I have chosen to include books about Javascript, a language which I started to appreciate the past period. Wherever you look these days, it seems Javascript appears everywhere. Javascript is the language for building interactive web applications (I’m fond of angular.JS), but it can also be used as a scripting language. In MongoDB for instance, but now also as a scripting language for OSX (JXA Automation). All client-side, but Javascript is also extremely suitable for building server-side Web applications and I do not know enough about that, I think. Therefore, the iPad will be filled with books about Node.js and the Express framework. Am very curious.

In addition, there is still enough room on the iPad, I’ll fill it with books from the 7 languages in 7 weeks– series. After reading the first, it is time to take a closer look at the others as well: 7 more languages in 7 weeks, 7 Web Frameworks in 7 Week, 7 Concurrency Models in 7 Weeks and 7 Databases in 7 Weeks. If I were counting the weeks, then I’m coming to 28 weeks. A little bit more than the 3 weeks of vacation I have. But at least better than boredom, because that’s what nerds like us become grumpily from.

I want to conclude with a link to the trailer bumping Ralph … A film about video games. That should certainly appeal to us all.

Have fun…