Soundbyte 207: I want to break free


A while ago Joyce and Jago hosted a BBQ for the whole Luminis Technologies crew and during that event Joyce and I started discussing our soundbytes. She thought it might be a nice idea to write one herself, so I was thrilled to get an e-mail a few days ago with her first contribution. I hope you all enjoy it… – Marcel

The Luminis soundbytes are fun to read and not too hard for people with not much knowledge about programming or computer things. But it’s always a employee who’s writing it. So I want to do something else, a soundbyte from the other side: an outsider.

Everybody knows the feeling that you want to break free from a situation or a moment. That’s something that I really experience a lot of times when I talk with my husband about his job, or when he’s talking with friends or (old)colleagues about computer things and I stand next to them. Then I really feel that I’m the outsider. It seems that IT employees are living in their own world and I’m trying to understand that.

When my husband is talking with me about his job, he’s trying to do that in a language that I understand. We call it “Jip and Janneke” language so that I understand what he’s saying. But the most of the time I really don’t know what he’s saying.

Otherwise in my bachelor study of psychology they compare the human brains with a computer. Especially the part of the human memory. It’s the same as the memory of the computer. So when I told that to my husband he’s was laughing, he didn’t understand it. It didn’t work out when I tried to explain him things about my work field and made the comparison with a computer. I just thought it will make it easier to explain, I was wrong.

A few months later we’re visiting friends who had have a baby and the father (also a programmer) had a present from his friends: a book. Not just any kind of a book, no a special book for IT daddy’s. The writers of this book write about a baby if it’s a kind of a computer. “The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance” written by dr. Lois Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht. The baby’s owner’s manual is a comprehensive user’s guide to deriving maximum performance and optimal results from your newborn. It sounds that the newborn baby is a computer. So than it is allowed to make the compare between a human being and a computer? So you know what I gave my husband when he became father of our son 😉

At this moment you think maybe that I want to blackmail the IT people. But that’s not my intention. I think that a lot of times the people around the IT’er expect more from them. Let’s put it differently, when I’m working on my laptop and something is not working the way it’s supposed to be, I always call my husband for help. Like he always knows the answer for any problem, because he’s the IT dude. An another example: after my maternity leave I started in a new job, they are changing software, that was a disaster. I was very angry that a lot of things didn’t work the way they should. I called a lot of times with our IT department and they couldn’t solve the problems. It is very easy for an outsider to blame the IT dude, and from a professional standpoint they should’ve been able to understand the problems.

So I told you that I don’t want to blackmail the IT people, I just want to say thank you that you are here to make a lot of things easier for people like me. And sorry for all the times that we are expecting that you can solve all problems, and that we are jelling at you when we’re angry because some software isn’t working when we needed it.

To understand a lot of those things where you talking about and how those things are working in the IT world. Read the soundbytes and the Luminis magazine Conversing Worlds. I do that so that I know a little bit more about what’s going on your jobs, and maybe I can understand you all a little bit more.


One more thing that I understand about this soundbytes is that it needs a song. A song that say something and it’s need a little bit of rock beat in it (that’s what my husband said). So the song wasn’t the hardest part of this soundbyte for me (the English writing was). I chose “I want to break free” by Queen. The song title is clear I guess, but you have also watch the clip so you know why I chose it. Not only because of the title of the song!