Soundbyte 226: Promised you a miracle



Today it is the last day of a week of doing nothing, sleeping a lot and neglecting everything that is on my to-do list. As in most holidays I intent to do all the things I never get to normally and every time the holiday flies by and I end up doing nothing, but well, isn‘t that what a holiday is for? Most of the time I am rushing with all the things that need to be done (and I can ‘t imagine I am the only one) so a week to clear the head and doing nothing is really refreshing, except for the mornings after celebrating some festivity……. Between Christmas and new-years eve I also celebrate my birthday so the party just goes on pretty much.

A few weeks ago I had a chat with two people about Luminis – how things are going in the past few years, things that went well and less well, the future and our culture. The two people in this conversation were not working at Luminis so to me they could give a somewhat more objective input J. Besides all the practical points that we raised we kept coming back at the issue of empathy within Luminis as being the thing that makes us a different company than many others. I sincerely hope that everybody feels this as such and speaks up when you do not feel it this way! To me this is really the main point that differentiates us. We are serious about what we do, but also with attention for the people around us.

A New Year

I also realized that in the past years, besides all the plans for our business, to make our own technology and internationalisation, we actually are already becoming far more international than we used to be. Luminis has today quite a few nationalities besides Dutch: German, Indian, Israeli, Rumanian, Australian, English, Scottish and Portuguese. Also, we have people moving to Sweden and (temporary) to the US next year. Because of this some of us do not speak Dutch and I realize this makes it more difficult for those people to blend in and follow everything that is happening. Thanks you guys (and girls!) for trying to understand Dutch, for being open and cope with ‘us Dutch folks’!

5 years ago when I joined Luminis we had big dreams, now we still do. In fact, the further we get the more we start to dream I guess. I am looking forward very much to the coming year and I am curious of all the things that will happen. No doubt it will be another exiting year, but I can‘t promise you any miracles. The song for this week is an oldie – and being 45 years old now I can say this too about myself (but don ‘t worry I still often behave like a child). Therefor this song from 1982, I was 11 at the time and now I have kids that age J. I wish you all a very promising year, I hope that we learn, laugh and achieve a lot in 2016!!