Soundbyte 229: With a Little Help from My Friends


Soundbyte 229 : With a Little Help from My Friends

On a gloomy Wednesday afternoon in november 2015, my wife and I were called by a friend of ours, with the announcement that she is deceased. Despite that we all saw this coming, you still feel a shock hearing the sad news. Man and 3 children are left behind. 43 years is much too young!

Quite some time family and several friends were actively involved and created an intimate social network around the family. This went down very gradually and organically without needing a leader. Every moment there was help, for expample to spend time with the children, just to be there or providing the family a good meal. Everyone wore his or her part. It was and still is extraordinay to be part of this social network.

During this period I increasingly began to realize, the positive impact that was achieved by a pro-active attitude to help each other out and truly feel responsible for the other people. In a social network of family, friends, school, or work, this positive impact is even bigger if you oversee the importance and responsibility together to help each other out.

What does this mean in the context of  our community of customers, partners and co-workers. Basically a social network as well, right? A mutual dependence and open attitude to help each other or to catch the ball if the other person just fails. To oversee what matters most and to have responsability for each other. An open mind and being able to show your vulnerability so the other person helps you out when needed.

You achieve great things together, they say! How cool is it to work in such a social context with your customers, partners and co-workers. The sound byte of this week “With a little help from my friends”, from the Beatles and in 1968 covered by Joe Cocker.

Have a great week!