Soundbyte 233: The forward outpost


So by a happy coincidence I became the forward outpost in the USA for Luminis within the same week I got to write the Soundbyte. We should have arrived one month ago, but the visa was just recently approved and now I am finally here! No snow in The Sunshine State, but blue skies and winter flip-flops. (It’s true, you actually see some people here walking around like this)

Forward outpostPreparing for the flight felt a lot like preparing for the big camping trip to France we used to take during summer break when I was a kid. The biggest question: Which cassette tapes should I bring during the ride? Later it became cd’s, MiniDisc, mp3’s and now it’s just downloading the right albums from Spotify. Same dilemma, but without the need for a pencil.

The one that was never left home was Supertramp. My dad used to listen to those during any regular ride and Dreamer was definitely our favourite. Unfortunately it was pretty far back on the tape and sometimes the ride was just too short to get to it. I remember this one time he suddenly went around an extra block so we could listen to the end before arriving home. We still didn’t hear much, because my brother and I bellowed with laughter about this unexpected move.

Stars and stripesSo Dreamer was blasting through my headphones during take-off last week. Bringing me back to those simpler times when solutions were as easy as taking a minor detour. Now I am on the other side of the world, trying to stretch my comfort-zone without snapping. Hoping to understand the complexity of doing government contracts, US taxes, sending checks in the mail and foreign social structures while spreading Luminis’ values.

On the upside, everyone is very helpful and accommodating. They happily spell out ‘cellular’ when I ask them for the tenth time, invited me to their Iron Chef lunch (eat and vote on each other’s dishes) or family diner and wishing you a Happy Valentine during grocery shopping. You gotta love these guys right?

There will be enough stories to tell in the upcoming months. One is hopefully about how I obtained a Florida driver license and how I passed the required written and behind-the-wheel tests. That’ll be fun. For now, let’s just get frustrated about archaic Youtube country copyright restrictions and listen to the one version of Dreamer available to all parts of the world.