Soundbyte 250: Blackbird


Time for another Soundbyte, after one of those perfect Sundays. Great weather, BBQ, enjoying the family, what’s not to like? Just before the weekend we had a Luminis Technologies meeting where we brainstormed about our strategy, so that definitely provided some food for thought as well. As usual, there’s lot’s of things going on in parallel.

Java 9 Modularity Book
One of those things going is the development of a book by Paul and me. Back in Februari, Paul introduced the book he and I are writing. Several months have passed, so it’s time for an update! We have been writing diligently, with about half of the content ready in rough draft state now. A particularly important external milestone was when the Jigsaw prototype was merged into the main OpenJDK codebase. The modularization of Java has been postponed so many times, this move gave us at least some peace of mind.

Earlier this month, we asked some members of the Oracle Jigsaw team to become technical reviewers. Luckily, they agreed, so we can send the first chapters for technical review as well. Once these reviews have been processed, we should have enough decent content for an ‘Early Release’ version. An Early Release with O’Reilly is a public release of parts of the book before any final editing. First electronically, and possibly in printed format as well for JavaOne. Early readers can provide feedback and steer the direction of the content.

At Luminis DevCon we did a talk on Java 9 which was well-attended and well-received. Since then we’ve presented at several other conferences, and every time it’s clear that people are eager to learn about Java 9. As Luminis, we can show thought-leadership at moments like these. To solidify this, we are organising two brain upgrades around Java 9 in the fall: Let’s get the word out!

Interested in more? There’s an article about Java 9 Modularity coming up in the next Conversing Worlds. Also, we created a Twitter account if you want to follow along: @javamodularity (help us break the first 100 followers and spread the news :).

Then, something more personal. About two weeks ago I participated in a 10k run in my hometown. Even though I’m not an avid runner, I was in good shape and confident that I could finish it (even with a passable time). I did not, however, take into account the hot conditions of that day. Long story short, I ended up being driven in an ambulance to the hospital. Overheated and severely dehydrated, my body just gave up just before the finish. Fortunately, bringing down my temperature and pumping about two liters of fluids with electrolytes into my body through an IV drip improved things. It was a genuinely frightening experience and could have easily turned into a much worse situation. So I’m extremely thankful things worked out the way they did. It sounds very cliche, but it really puts things in perspective again.

Which brings me to the music of this Soundbyte. Last time, I promised a more laid back pick. That perfectly fits my current state of mind, so there’s that. A lovely interpretation of the Beatles’ Blackbird by Sara Gazarek should be laidback enough, I believe. Enjoy!