Soundbyte 300: The one moment


After a week of intense temperatures I’m grateful I can write this Soundbyte in relatively cool air. It’s not only the temperatures that have been intense: we’ve recently moved to a new home, which brings its own set of challenges. Countless rides to Ikea and construction markets have been wearing me down, but the end result is that I can enjoy my new home on a lazy Sunday afternoon! That’s the one moment we’ve been looking forward since hatching our moving plans beginning of this year.

Another moment I’m quite looking forward to: handing in the final manuscript for the Java 9 Modularity book. As you may have seen, last month the Java Community Process Executive Committee voted against the proposed module system for Java 9. Political and technical discussions raged on, leading to a (slightly) amended specification for the module system. This has been submitted to the JCP beginning of this month, to be voted on again next week. Unfortunately, this means the release of Java 9 had to be postponed as well, with September 21 being the new GA date. Since we want to incorporate all the latest details, but want to have the book ready before the GA date as well, the next weeks are going to be quite busy. Even though all chapters were essentially written, several have to be revised and technical reviews are still coming in as we speak.

In Apeldoorn we had a very interesting LevelUp session this week. Erwin Konink prepared an introduction to Genetic Algorithms, with several hands-on labs to tinker with them. Very cool to get re-acquainted again with these powerful concepts and see them in action. Also this week, the second Business Model Innovation meeting was held, this time in Rotterdam. Many colleagues from all Luminis divisions got together to discuss how we can improve the conversations we have with our customers. Surprisingly, this doesn’t always start with thinking about products and solutions. Doing so deprives us of the opportunity to really understand what makes our conversation partners tick. It’s really great to see so much thought going into the essential processes besides software development process that we otherwise focus on.

For music, I picked ‘The one moment’ from OK Go. The music is, let’s say… okay (what’s in a name), but the video is beyond great. Watch and enjoy the one moment!