Soundbyte 311: Down Poison


Last week could be labeled as the ‘grand opening of conference season’. The next three months (September, October, November) will be crammed with conferences all over the world. As always, speakers from Luminis will give it their best at a number of these conferences, or at least at the most interesting ones.


For me, that meant a short trip to Oslo (Norway) this past week, to present at JavaZone. JavaZone is one of the longest running European (Java) conferences. They are well-known for their incredible spoof videos and conference trailers (The Streaming and Game of Codes), but by now they no longer need to catch attention, as they are pretty much well established and honestly I think that they are one of the best conferences out there in terms of organization, facilities, and especially food and entertainment. This year marked the third time I had the opportunity to speak at JavaZone. My most recent appearance here was back in 2015 where I debuted my ‘Microservices for Mortals’ talk and that did pretty well. This time I ran a version of my ‘Serverless’ talk, which I debuted at DevCon this year. Because of some (the only!) technical glitch at DevCon, the presentation was unfortunately not recorded, and a lot of people have asked me for that recording since. So I’m happy to announce that recording of the JavaZone version DID succeed and you can watch it here

They put me in the big room which was pretty much packed with 700+ people attending the talk live. I got them to down my poison and spoiled their minds with my thoughts on the future of the Cloud. I think it all went down pretty smooth. Which means that I’m in shape to deliver similar content at a number of other places over the next few months. Highlights of that schedule will be JavaOne San Francisco, where I’ll have two talks, and Devoxx Belgium, where I’ll run a 3-hour deep dive session on Serverless. But in between there are a bunch of other events as well. Busy times ahead!


Now speaking of conferences…our very own DevCon conference is getting ready for it’s fourth edition next year. For a number of good reasons, we chose to go out-of-band with conference season and put DevCon in April. More details and ticket sales will follow soon. Preparations have started, and we will be working hard to make DevCon 2018 just as successful as it’s three predecessors. We can’t sit back though, as ‘competition’ in the conference space is tough, attendees are really spoiled with cheap and cool events all over the place, and succesful pieces of our format get blatantly copied by other companies.

Nurturing Speakers

With conferences come speakers. Nurturing speaker talent is very important. We know that from our own experience with DevCon, and that is why we put a lot of effort into helping colleagues get that abstract out, hold trial presentations, etc. To step up that game a bit we will run a multi-day in-house course spread over the next few months where we will focus on developing didactical skills. It is mainly targeted at growing our trainer force for Academy, but these skills come in handy for conferences and presentations too of course. We already have a list of colleagues that will be joining this course, but if you’re interested, and haven’t been asked so far, please let me know ASAP and we can see what we can do.


In terms of tech news this week, we started off with some great news about the Java 9 Modularity book written by Paul Bakker and Sander Mak. After putting in two years of hard work, the book went into production just ahead of the release of Java 9 and this is a big milestone, so a hearty congratulation to the both of them is in place! From first-hand experience I know just how much work and dedication go into writing and then finishing a book, so getting the book out there is no small feat. Besides the book being an actual guide to make things work with the new modularity system shipped with Java 9, it is first and foremost underlining the message of modularity. A topic we hold near and dear to our hearts at Luminis. I look forward to seeing the both of them sign and hand out lots of copies at JavaOne, which is due in a few weeks, and I hope for them that book sales is going to be stellar.


And now for the music. So far I got mixed responses to my mission to educate everyone a bit more into the heavy music genre. Which does NOT mean I will give up on that, but anyhow I have decided to step it down a bit, and give you a little bit more of a gradual introduction to the genre. So for this Soundbyte I chose to go back to the year 2000, when a band called ‘3 Doors Down’ released their debut album titled ‘The Better Life’. You’re probably familiar with the first track of that album, ‘Kryptonite‘, as it became an international hit single. I chose not to go for that song (you can check the link if you want) but instead go with ‘Down Poison’ as it is not only starring Brad Arnold as the lead singer, but first and foremost starring the electric guitar. Although this song has pitch black lyrics, it is hopefully that crunchy rock sound that will get you in the mood for the week to come. Next time I’ll pick it up from there. Enjoy!