Soundbyte 313: Devotion


You’re getting this soundbyte a little bit later than normal, but with a good reason: JavaOne 2017 is currently in full swing. Rather than giving you a bland preview last Sunday, you’ll now get an update on everything that happened. And what a great week this has been for Luminis at JavaOne!

As most of you know, one of the highlights was the fact that the Onboard project, executed by Luminis Rotterdam, won a Duke’s Choice award. On Monday several Luminis colleagues and one of the Onboard co-founders accepted the award at the annual JCP (Java Community Process) party. Our collaboration with Onboard underscores how both parties can push each other to great heights. Winning this award validates our Luminis technology strategy on an international stage, which is something we can all be proud of.

At the same JCP party, I first got to hold a print version of the Java 9 Modularity book. In fact, there were 75 copies that Paul and I could sign and give away.

It was beyond awesome to be able to hold the fruit of our labor in our hands. We’re very proud of the end result and hope to put it in as many hands as possible. And, it appears that we get help from many sides in making that happen. Highlight was seeing Mark Reinhold (Chief Architect of the Java Platform) mention our book explicitly in the JavaOne technical keynote as the book for learning about Java 9 in front of thousands of people.

In terms of announcements, many things that have been popping up in the past weeks are confirmed during JavaOne. For example, Java will be switching to a 6-monthly time-driven release schedule, rather than the years-long feature-driven release cycle. Also, Oracle announced its new contender in the serverless/function-as-a-service space: Fn. The demo was certainly impressive. Of course the news that Java EE is moving to the Eclipse Foundation (and will be named EE4J) got lots of attention during JavaOne. These are interesting times to say the least.

There’s still one more day of JavaOne to go. I already gave my two sessions, but Bert Ertman still has his second session coming up tomorrow. Actually, we just got back from the Oracle appreciation event, which amongst other artists featured Ellie Goulding. It seemed only fitting to pick on of her songs for this Soundbyte. Devotion: one of the elements leading to the successes we can all celebrate together. (But first, time to sleep now in this timezone!)