Soundbyte 323 – City I love to hate


Just back from Las Vegas after visiting the AWS re:Invent conference, my head is spinning with so many impressions. I’ve been to Vegas twice in the past, both times by myself. I didn’t like the place at all: too loud, too crowded and overall just a very strange place that is like no other city I ever visited. Vegas is supposed to be fun but I didn’t enjoy it on my own. This time around I visited together with Bert & Hans. While my opinions about Vegas haven’t changed, I truly enjoyed their company and the conversations we had! 

Last week was my 2nd visit to the AWS re:Invent conference. Four years ago it was a well organised, fun and meaningful conference with about 8000 visitors mainly focused on one hotel: The Venetian. This time around the number of attendees has grown to 45.000 and half the Strip hotels is used by the re:Invent.

The consequence of this unrestrained growth is that the breakout sessions are scattered over multiple hotels. Leading to long queues for the shuttle busses between the hotels or long walks between hotels to reach your next session. So the AWS cloud might scale, but their conferences don’t… 🙁

So was the re:Invent experience all bad? Luckily not! Personal highlights for me are:

  1. Amazon EKS (managed Kubernetes service)
  2. AWS Fargate (Run containers without managing servers or clusters)
  3. Keynote by Dr. Werner Vogels

21st century architectures

The keynote by Werner wasn’t a long list of product announcements (the keynote a day earlier took care of that). This keynote focused on a vision on what software development will look like in the new Cloud era. His views on what 21st century architectures should look like are very much in line with our own product development and strategy. The interesting goal Werner is setting for AWS and their customers is summarised in this single quote: “All the code you ever write is business logic”

This outlook to the future might seem a bit far-fetched for now. But looking at the rate of development at these major cloud providers, this future will be here sooner then any of us can predict. And this will change the way we work in a major way. The focus on Developer Productivity will change the way we work and interact with customers. This change can’t be ignored, software development organisations that will ignore this development will be annihilated.

I would walk 500 miles

My music preferences are all over the place, I can’t really claim to have a preference for a genre or even good versus bad music. Music appeals to me, sometimes because of the lyrics, sometimes because of the memories I associate with a song. This piece by the Scottish band The Proclaimers has it all for me.

The lyrics speak to my as this is how I want to live my personal and professional life. I also have some great memories to Yellow Mike and his band who played this song over and over during a holiday with friends in Verbier. It might also just be a bad reference to the number of miles I walked between conference hotels last week. Anyways… enjoy!