Soundbyte 324: Talking to Myself


As we are drawing closer to the year’s end, it has been a bit of a lazy week in tech news. The only real disturbance in the force was caused by the FCC killing net neutrality in the US. While anticipated, it is yet another political disaster tearing up the place. Although our own political landscape is kinda messed up too these days, events like these always make me glad to be living in the Netherlands.

Talking to the Cloud

Meanwhile our lives are being connected more and more to the net, both privately and professionally. In last week’s Soundbyte, Arjan Schaaf discussed re:Invent. Although it was kind of clear to me beforehand, after experiencing a week of AWS thunder in Las Vegas, I am now absolutely convinced that in just a couple years from now absolutely everything we do will be connected to the Cloud in some way or the other. Traditional systems development will largely disappear and instead a few big platforms will remain. AWS being the clear leader in this space so far with Microsoft and the Chinese powerhouse of Alibaba chasing it all over the place. Btw did you notice Google is not in that top 3? Over the past year I have spent a good bit of time researching Serverless and Functions as a Service. While it is easy to think of this technology as just another hype – or database triggers reinvented if you will – I am sure this technology leads to a revolution in how we will develop systems of the future. The notion of event-driven, choreographed, fine-grained, single responsibility services (read: functions), features a lot of the best practices from earlier incarnations of enterprise architecture. Add that on top of a limitless amount of compute capability, and all the infrastructure that you can ever imagine literally available at your fingertips, up and running within seconds. We are truly at the forefront of a revolution in automation. A new industrial revolution of our time if you will. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read this (very) lengthy but (very) interesting post instead. If you are reading this and have never bothered looking at where the Cloud is going, I offer you your first New Year’s resolution right here. 

Talking to You

The year to come will be a challenging and exciting one for me personally. I will be less involved with Luminis Rotterdam (but still committed) as I’m assuming the new role of Director of Technology Outreach. In this role I will put even more focus into building the reputation of Luminis, our technology stacks and products, and the awesome things we are doing for our customers. One of the most visible outings of that is our conference: Luminis DevCon. Behind the scenes, preparation for DevCon 2018 have picked up pace. Not only do we want to feature a lot of great technological content, we like to add entertainment and showcases of all the cool things we are doing for our customers as well. For all of this we need you. As the Call for Papers for DevCon is still open, please submit your talk proposals via Confluence. The more the better. Let’s give the program committee a hard time! Besides adding talks we are looking for cool ideas to bring the conference to life outside of the session rooms as well. Let me know if you want to be involved!

Talking to Myself

And now for the music. As Christmas is drawing closer I was tempted to give in to the urge to come up with some spongy Christmas song as I’m sure the next Soundbyte writer will do (hint). Resisting this temptation I have instead chosen to pay tribute to a great artist that left us in 2017. I remember enjoying a glass of wine during one of the long evenings of my summer holiday in France, when I read the news that Chester Bennington had decided to leave this world for the next one. I was stunned as he was such an amazingly talented singer and explosive live artist still very much going strong. His music has touched my life in more than one occasion and therefor I’ve enjoyed countless hours of listening to Linkin Park and I wish the same to you. The track ‘Talkin to Myself’ is the opening track of the ‘One More Light Live’ tour album. The album was released recently and contains parts that were recorded during their performance in Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam earlier this year. Just weeks before Chester decided to call it quits. Enjoy the song and have a great week!