Soundbyte 326: Rebel without a Pause (and others)


Just another day and then Elvire and I will go to Schiermonnikoog for a couple of days; enjoying the simple things of life like fresh air, a walk on the beach and probably lots of rain. This will be a nice change from all the overviews, retrospectives, rankings, polls and disaster predictions that I have undergone the last days.

Sometimes I wonder where this need for ranking will bring us. Here’s a typical and sad example of end-of-year lists that I received in an email. It even features lists of lists:

  • Top 7 Fintech Trends You Should Adopt in 2018
  • Healthtech Trends: 6 Insights for 2018 and Beyond
  • 9 Technology Mega Trends That Will Change The World In 2018
  • 10 Predictions for AI, Big Data and And Analytics in 2018
  • 9 Technology Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace in 2018

Argh! In what kind of world will we end up if we think that it helps to rank everything in trivial or meaningless lists. And then you just go to a Wadden-Island to blow off some steam (rofl) …

Our future is I & T

Those who have known me for some time know that I have always found the title ‘ICT’ an unfortunate choice for our discipline. Not only does it introduce an undesirable structure in our area of expertise, it also fails to express what it is really about. Information and Communication Technology is the result of an argument that took place years ago about the ownership and mandate over telephone exchanges and networks. Duh …

With all the hits, tips and hypes, out discipline is finally becoming mature. One of the results is the acknowledgement of the importance and the value of data. During the early years we thought that data was the result of software. Nowadays we have come to understand that you need a proactive data-strategy in order to have a successful business. And as always, figuring out a data strategy and implementing it in the ever-changing technology world is not simple! Fortunately, I see this discussion appearing in more places (see also in Dutch: So let’s get our act together and help to improve the way we refer to our discipline: I work in the I & T …

The answer to digital challenges is analog!

Recently I visited Las Vegas with Arjan and Bert to attend the Amazon’s “re:Invent” conference (see also: Not only did I see a seemingly endless flood of technology, but also how ubiquitous the technology is becoming. Amongst other things, I witnessed a discussion about the pinnacle of fake news: ‘Counterfeit Reality’. It is to be expected that human suspicion and uncertainty will only increase because more counterfeit messages will be made by AI and bots than that they can be unmasked. Strangely enough, this will only help to make our relationship with information technology more mature. I therefore think that the biggest challenges we currently face in general and in the field of I & T (sounds good) is not in the technology itself. It is high time to think about how we train people and develop talents that can reflect on information technology beyond the unidisciplinary world of designing, building and operating information systems …

Rebel without a Pause and others

It is interesting to see that more and more things are related or connected to each other. This also translates into the choice of music this week.

I think it’s great to see how music continues to evolve by allowing all sorts of unexpected connections to emerge. And along the way, how a limited number of great artists always keep coming back. Take the song “Funky Drummer” from the one-and-only James Brown. At first glance an unknown funk number. But 1 that is very often used in other songs. Funky Drummer was written by James Brown as part of a much longer song and played a lot (even so often that the drummer was really fed up with it). So first enjoy the song yourself:


Next it is really cool to see the big variety of songs that use this song. Public Enemy used it in their excessive song “Rebel without a Pause”: a song for and about people at Luminis.

Interestingly, it is also used in the song “Freedom” by George Michael. George Michael himself does not appear in the clip because this song was written as a protest during the lawsuit against Sony, which by the way turned out to be a disappointment for everyone.

To see the impressive list of songs that have used Funky Drummer as well, you can go to WikiPedia

I wish each and every one a fun, lucky and healthy 2018…