Soundbyte 328: Off-key


This was the first week for me to start working again after the holidays. During my time off with Christmas and New Year, I battled with my phone, computer, and tablet to ignore the gradually increasing unread-messages number in my inbox. The upside of success is that you really get to unplug, the downside is that you spend the better part of the following week trying to catch-up with everything. I used to consider my inbox as a todo-list where everyone except me gets to place items on. Nowadays I try to focus on what’s important instead of urgent with a carefully managed Trello-board. So my inbox is now empty and I have a full ‘todo’ column on my board. Somehow, I don’t really feel quite focused yet. Perhaps I should try one of those kanban WIP-constraints…

One of the other things that caught my attention this week was the annual CES tradeshow. It’s always fun to see what kind of electronics the tech-companies come up with. Or for me, to see what kind of non-existing problems they try to solve for us. Most of the top-tech companies like Apple and Google have their own event so it wasn’t that all exciting. But one of the things that stayed with me was August Access, an Amazon Key competitor. It’s basically a front door smart-lock with a service to give your delivery guy, dog-walker or cleaning lady remote access to your home. The one thing I was missing in my life.

I know, we had a similar attitude about online shopping in the early days. Just like most of us were really skeptical about not seeing your product before buying, I guess a lot of people will have some reservations about letting strangers into their home while they’re away. We’ll see if it’s going to be a success. But if you take a look at Amazon Key’s promo-video I think they need to work on figuring out the actual benefits, because the scenario to me seems a bit far-fetched to be ‘solved’ with a remote-operated smart-lock service. That, or I’m not just the targeted audience.

Smart locks for being ‘off-key’ brings me to Desafinado. (Although I’m not a Spanish speaker) A nice bossa-nova to calm yourself from a flooding inbox and start the week relaxed and focussed! This time from Stan Getz with João Gilberto on guitar.