Soundbyte 346: In the blood


End game

I saw this tweet last week and thought: YES so much this!


Have a look at the part of our strategy document about Technology Propositions. Our product development around Amdatu Blueprint, Information Grid and Cloud RTI is exactly about this topic. And we’re not building these products from scratch: we’re standing on the shoulders of giants: Public Cloud providers, Kubernetes, OSGi, Kafka, Cassandra, MongoDB and many more. In the end it is all about getting the business cases of our customers up & running without loosing energy. Loosing energy is something we cannot afford. It’s a waste of time and money and it is no fun.

This goes beyond how we develop software: it is also about how we organise our work and reuse knowledge across teams and projects. But how would we address this? I find it hard to accomplish, probably the same way you eat an elephant: one bite at a time…

My first bite is going to be about a topic that has been frustrating to me for a long time: our shared CI/CD environment. Stay tuned for announcements in the near future. We’re designing our new setup with these principles in mind:

  • Security
  • Configuration as code
  • Control over builds within the development teams (no more contacting sysadmins to update build agents)
  • Unlimited scability

Why? Because to be the best developers, we need the best tools supporting us instead of hindering us. It is in our blood.


This weekend the F1 circus is in Monaco, the most ridiculous and also greatest place to ever host a Grand Prix. I would have loved to share a video with the pole-winning qualification by Max Verstappen, but that did not happen today 🙁 Maybe even better, that allows me to share this brilliant video about the poleposition lap Senna did in 1988. Senna was almost 1.5 seconds quicker then his teammate Prost and the rest of the field. That wasn’t the norm those days, it confirms how brilliant his lap really was. Listen to Senna describing this experience: 

In the blood

What makes good music? I find it hard to describe, but I do know that sometimes music can grab you by the throat. This song by John Mayer does that to me. I’m full of admiration for someone who can eloquently describe human emotions and put relations to words. Enjoy!