Soundbyte 350: The Waters


Sunday evening, just after 9 o’clock and I’m enjoying a nice white Burgundy wine after a weekend with lots of sports on TV and some productive home improvement. And that was a perfect closure of a busy week where I was involved in lots of discussions about Luminis and fast changing world around us.

The world is changing

I know, everyone keeps repeating it: “The world is changing and the speed of change is continuously increasing”. And this struck once again while I was installing a NEST thermostat and smoke-alarm in my house a few days ago. Just to find out that my home WiFi infrastructure was really out-dated (only a couple of years old) on the same day my television broke down. And although I live and work in a tech-intensive world, it just occurred to me how much I was trying to shut away all these changes from my home. Here I just love to enjoy old style analogue pleasures like listening to vinyl records and drinking wines that were not designed for big, lazy audiences.

And while in this state of mind (enjoying a great wine, my new television in combination with the latest WiFi gizmos), I couldn’t help but laugh at the article I read on the TNW where people argue that we need to find a replacement for the words “hack”, “hacking” and “hacker”. ( Here you go: change is eating the lunch of developers. Change is so difficult to predict.

Sports during the weekend

All kidding aside, there was one big event this weekend that I tried to enjoy as much as possible: the 24 hours of LeMans ( In the first place because the Studio-397 did a great job delivering a great Endurance Pack that allows you to enjoy the perks and challenges of an endurance race. But also because it is always great to see what the challenges and disasters are when people push technology really to the edge. I have spent quite a bit a late night hours on Saturday enjoying the great Porsches ( 😉 ), the fights in the GTE competition and the crashes and fires naturally.

A lot of critics will say that the victory of the Toyota team in the LMP1 class was a simple victory, but I think these people are missing the point about endurance racing on LeMans. I think this is one of the races where it takes some serious performance of both people and technology to bring a car to the finish-line after a 24-hour race, irrespective of the competition. I will not tire you with all kinds of statistics, but looking at this video of high-lights should give you some idea of the effort people have to put into such a race (and if you think this looks familiar, maybe you have watched some rFactor2 videos earlier).

Stepping away from the GDPR and security bonfire

One of the ongoing discussions that is starting to annoy me is the ongoing panic about the GDPR, privacy and security. It does remind me a bit of the old Y2K panic that was so cleverly exploited in our business in the early 200’s (who remembers the panic that maybe the ATM’s and other critical infrastructures were predicted to fail). Currently, a lot of people are panicking over nothing and believe just about every fear-monger they can find in the hope to find advice that will help them (so that they are not to blame for anything).

I’d say: let’s stop over-reacting. There are lots of places where you can look for sound advice. You can even find one on our website: My main point is that it is time to take people’s privacy serious and look at this as if this was concerning your own privacy…

Anderson .Paak and “The Waters”

This weekend I have been playing the music of Anderson .Paak. You could say that this guy had a troubled life before he became a successful musician. But he grew up to be a great artist! Given his music (an energising blend of rap and Jazz), it is hard to pick a specific song from his repertoire. But after listening time and again to his music, this song stuck out. I’ll not go into his lyrics or his joke about Trump; I just love the music…

Enjoy the week, the weather and everything else…