Soundbyte 36: Looking forward


I love it. A great Sunday evening after a pleasant spring weekend. A saturday well spent in the garden, pruning the espaliers, followed by a Sunday which mainly consisted of cleaning up the mess, delicious cups of coffee and sit back watching the drizzle under a watery spring sunshine. In short: it’s March, but in my head it’s already May and I actually think it is almost summer. And yes, as I write this I hear several people confirming that I often have trouble with the timeline of things…

Enjoying the Soundbyte community

Over the last few weeks I enjoyed results of the community effort of the group of writers who created the recent Sound Bytes… It is wonderful to see how we, as an organisation, write what we experience everyday. This is one of the best ways to show how a website can transcend the level of an electronic folder (and I can not deny that there are times when I really appreciate it when I don’t need to write anything and just enjoy what others write about). Anyway, on the other hand I am also aware of the big world around us and I immediately thought: “Why not write the Soundbyte in English?” So here’s an attempt…

A better programmer

In recent weeks I have spent quite a few discussions about the core values of Luminis and the “message” that drives us everyday in our jobs. Now it will, hopefully, not surprised many people that concepts such as “The art of Software Engineering”, “Software Craftsmanship” and “Lean Development” are pivotal to each of these discussions. As a side effect of these discussions, I spend the evenings visiting a lot of blogs, mailing lists and other public places on the web with often useless information.
Just a few weeks ago, however, I stumbled across a great presentation on “A Better Way To Program”. A presentation that was held at the CUSEC 2012 (The Canadian University Software Engineering Conference) by Bret Victor. Nice to hear him say that programming languages ​are ​but a small part of the world of programming. And not the center of attention as many hypicists state…


An important part of my time for the past weeks went into the relation between Leren-op-Maat (see below) and Amdatu as the underlying platform. OK. “So what?”, Some will say. But I think we have made some major steps forward not only important for the imminent development of learning-to-size, or our ‘own’ cloud PaaS offering.
Much more important than these insights, we now understand increasingly better how essential the social aspects of knowledge creation in knowledge-intensive organizations is and that these processes need a tangible core in order to be able to crystallize. A beautiful description of this is already in written in 2000 given by John Seely Brown in “ Up Growing Up Digital “. It argues that because of the web and digitization our way of learning and knowledge sharing will change fundamentally.
Distributed Intelligence
In other words, the collaborative aspect of knowledge organizations has become quite different and I think that Amdatu will play an important role for us from that perspective. Let’s all make use of that and learn from each other what our best practices of cloud computing are…


Another part of my time is currently spent on Leren-op_maat. Since the team is on its way to support pilots in a larger group of schools, we are also busy in getting our message externally visible. Great examples of this visibility are the following sites:

  • LOPEXS website: Leren-op_maat will be put on the market by this company.
  • Mobile Learning on the Hondsrug College. 1 of the most active pilot schools organizes monthly meetings to talk about their experiences in the field of Leren-op-Maat.
  • Od Kota Ala Ma in Poland. There will even be a Leren-op-Maat presentation on a conference in Poland. Can you imagine …

In other words, there are big steps put. Ask the development team once quiet about their experiences and challenges.

10 year anniversary

2012 is of course the year of our 10th anniversary. We will celebrate this event with of a number of special parties and events. During the preparation of these events and because of a number of strategic discussions about Luminis, I am regularly sent back and forth between stories from the past and what customers are asking of us nowadays. This combination of looking forward and looking back at the same time, make me better appreciate the founding principles of Luminis… People, trust and cooperation on one hand and craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and perseverance on the other. I think we have proven that a number of times in the recent years. And that’s reason enough for a few parties. Stay tuned and come celebrate …


After a spring weekend and enjoying living outside for a few days helps me to enjoy these moments and realize how beautiful the change of seasons always is. The upcoming spring for me is a call for good music where emotion and southern influences tumble over each other. For the last few hours I have been listening to the Bojafondo Tango club.
Tonight I want to end with the song “Perfume”. Come dance a tango …