Soundbyte 367 : Don’t look down

22 October 2018

Anybody catch the USA Grand Prix last night? If you didn’t: stop reading and watch this video instead. You’ll probably understand why I’m a big fan of Formula 1, Max Verstappen and Kimmi Raikkonen 🙂

Sorry embedding is not allowed, so here is the direct link:

The rest of my week has been about Security & Monitoring. Topics we continuously aim to improve upon in our product proposition. Security of (Cloud) deployments has always been a topic that had my personal interest. At Luminis we have always strived to be innovative and where needed, acted differently that the standard approaches. We never had a corporate infrastructure coupled to our (office) locations, which made the transition towards the Cloud a lot simpler for us that a lot of more “traditional” organisations. So I like to think that I know a thing or two about how to secure your infrastructure and cloud deployments. But that being said, sometimes I get confronted with developments that didn’t crossed my path until now. And that experience can be mindblowing right? “How could I have missed this until now???”.

I had that experience this week while catching up with the world of “Zero Trust”. The concepts are really close to how we design our cloud infrastructure, but the implementation approach is quite different. You live, you learn and hopefully you get inspired. I certainly did this week! Have a look out for the term “Zero Trust”, lots of offerings now use this term to promote their implementation. The concept for got traction at Google where they introduced the BeyondCorp project some six years ago (I know: it took me a while to catch up…). This whitepaper gives a great introduction:


Soundbytes around this time of the year can take inspiration from the Amsterdam Dance Event. Music is an emotional outlet for me, it can amplify my happiness or give relief in times of stress or sadness. While writing this soundbyte I had mixed emotions. Part of my wanted to play some loud rock music, but I wanted the positive vibe to remain on the foreground instead. So turn up the volume and enjoy this collaboration between the world’s best DJ Martin Garrix & Usher:

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