Soundbyte 370: The Witness Trees

11 November 2018

Kon-nichiwa. While you are reading this I am high in the sky somewhere between Amsterdam and Tokyo. In the week to come I will take part in the Japan leg of the Oracle Groundbreakers Asia Pacific tour. It is sort of the Asian version of Java…errr… CodeOne, but then in the form of a whole bunch of one day events in the Asia/Pacific region. I will be doing four talks on Cloud, Serverless, Microservices, and resilient applications in both Tokyo and Osaka before returning home by the end of the week.

Ahead in the Cloud

Last week I also started my own tour, a bit closer to home. Over the next couple of weeks I will be visiting all the Luminis kerns to explain the rationale behind the ‘Ahead in the Cloud’ focus that we have for developing our business in the next year(s) to come. I’ll be talking about how we can leverage the rebirth of the Cloud to better service our clients’ needs. The tour started out on Monday in Rotterdam, and I’m looking forward to visiting the other kerns in the weeks to come.


On thursday I was back in Pathe Ede (formerly known as CineMec) to attend J-Fall 2018. It marked the 15th anniversary of the NLJUG, of which I secretly am a little proud given my modest contribution to this a few moons ago. It also marked the first time since 2005 that I wasn’t on a J-Fall stage myself, which felt a bit weird to be honest. Instead I was manning our booth with Simone, Denise, Martijn and Piet, showing off the LEGO Great Ball Contraption that we built to attract some attention from attendees. That worked out even better than expected, and while the LEGO contraption wasn’t that reliable, causing us to chase little balls all over the place, we managed to have a lot of interesting conversations, which are being followed up as we speak. Luminis’ visibility wasn’t only strong at the booth, we also had a prominent presence in the program with great talks by Angelo, Sander, and Jettro & Byron. All in all it was a great day which makes me look forward to running our very own developer conference again next year. Stay tuned as more details on that will follow soon.

IBM / Red Hat

The aftermath of IBM’s (intended) acquisition of Red Hat is still buzzing the interwebs. Some really good insights into this acquisition are provided by Ben Thompson and also in Red Monk’s analysis, although the latter is a bit harder to read. It seems like the move by IBM immediately forced the hand of competitor VMware to acquire Heptio this week. It has been a little while since we saw acquisitions (Oracle Sun Microsystems maybe?) of this scale that shook the equilibrium, but just like I mention in my ‘Ahead in the Cloud’ talk, we’ve come from a relatively easy and relaxed period of about 15-20 years where mainstream software development was peaceful and quiet. But all of this is changing right now. Disruptions caused by the rebirth of the Cloud and a few powerhouse vendors will cause changes to this status quo. I’m convinced we will see more of this in the next few years, if not months to come. Soon the witness trees will be the only things left in what we now know as mainstream software development and a new reality will emerge. With all the acquisitions going on, the Cloud battle seems to go in the direction of hybrid Cloud and multi-cloud environments. I’m already looking forward to AWS’ Re:Invent keynotes coming up in a few weeks to see how the empire will strike back.

Photo credit: Ron Zanoni/Flickr

And that brings us to the music. Somehow I didn’t know of this band until I sat in the back of an Uber in Las Vegas about half a year ago. The driver had it playing in the background and at first I though I was listening to Disturbed, or something similar, but it turned out to be Stone Sour. Stone Sour is ‘the other band’ of Corey Taylor, the lead singer of Slipknot. Ehrm yes…that was my initial reaction as well…he sounds so much better when you can actually hear what he is singing about 😉 The song I chose for this soundbyte is called ‘The Witness Trees’ and it comes from their latest album ‘Hydrograd’ (2017) which I recommend checking out if you are into this style of music. I only found an official audio recording on Youtube, so no video, but that’s ok. While the music classifies as metal, I would describe it as quite Soundgarden-ish (is that a word?) Add the catchy melody and chorus, and you almost have a hit song. Enjoy, and have a great week! Arigato!


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