Soundbyte 374: Here is the news


Three more weeks before our next solar lap and incidentally also my tenth soundbyte (yay me)

One of the more interesting events this week was Bert’s presentation during our Luminis Arnhem meeting. He talked about how we should put our heads in the cloud next year. He gave an overview of the current cloud landscape but also talked about how our business should be evolving around ‘the cloud’

Personally, I would like to see it’s used to veer away from the traditional pay-by-the-hour contracts when developing new software. (Especially by external contractors) Like they say in successful DevOps teams: ‘If you build it, you own it’ So why not own the business outcome too? Instead of being paid for the hours spent building, why not get paid for the success of the actual product? Software should become cheaper with all the building blocks in ‘the cloud’ and it allows for more pay-as-you-go like revenue streams. Think about the end-user focus we need when our daily bread is earned by the success of our products. Not by the cheque we get when the project is ‘finished’, often well before a single user has actually used it in real life. Exciting times!

Of course, Facebook and Google are already very good at ‘other’ revenue streams by selling advertisements. For me, it’s saddening to see that the most used and apparently one of the most successful business propositions in our field today is selling ads. It’s a poor reflection of the creativity that is needed to develop good quality software. The number of clicks being sold is not a performance indicator of the success of your product. It merely tells you how much attention it takes from the user. Just like news-outlets. We should do better, and we can! (like these folks)

Don’t zap away before this week’s music: Here is the news!