Soundbyte 48: X


Ten years of Luminis calls for a tribute to people who believe in something with a passion that inspires! Luckily, there are many examples on this planet. Luckily, I get to pick some today! So before you read on, max out the volume, pour yourself a drink and listen to a Neil Young classic, performed by my all time favorite band, Pearl Jam.


The reason I picked this video is that it is a nice example of the power of the internet. This is no professional recording, in fact it was compiled from many other recordings found on YouTube! There is another reason, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

First of all, this soundbyte is a day late, because I was tied up, and still am, in the South of France. In itself this is a really bad excuse, so I’ll just leave it at that.

The Big Party

April 1st was our official 10th anniversary, and we’ve been celebrating this over the last couple of months. However, this weekend we had our big party in the beautiful town of Apeldoorn. Several colleagues performed as musicians and DJs and overall everybody had a great time. It’s amazing to look back and see how we got to this point and what we achieved along the way and I’m sure the next 10 years will be just as exciting, unpredictable and awesome!

BndTools Hackathon

Most of this week I spent in the South of France, with Paul and several others, to work on a piece of software called BndTools. Peter Kriens invited us all to his home to do some serious work. For those of you that do not know, BndTools is a plugin for Eclipse that allows you to develop modular applications with OSGi very easily and quickly. It is relatively new, but within Luminis we have been using it for some time now and are very enthusiastic on how it speeds up our development cycle. It replaces most of Ant and Maven for us.

What was interesting was to see how a group of developers that never worked together, and in some instances had never met face to face, immediately got to work and for three long days implemented a lot of new features and fixed many bugs. It was not uncommon to see us still hacking away at code at 2 am, only to arrive at breakfast the next morning again at 9. We expect the current codebase to stabilize in a couple of weeks and will then start doing release candidates to get feedback from the community.

From our point of view we made sure we got all the hooks in place to start tightly integrating BndTools with Apache ACE, so we can make sure we cover the whole development workflow from integrated development environment all the way up to QA and release management. At the same time we now have code to further customize the workflow of a developer that is setting up his workspace by providing custom project templates. All of this is starting to make its way into Amdatu as well soon, and I’m sure we have more interesting news to share in this area soon!

Le Mans

A yearly highlight for me, and some others within Luminis as well, is the 24 hour endurance race at Le Mans. Cars in different classes compete to make it to the finish in one piece and more often than not, teams have to overcome all kinds of problems along the way. The cars have all been designed to survive big crashes, and limp back to the pits afterwards. This year we saw one of the Audi drivers crash his car, literally rip the front bodywork off, and drive back to the pits with three wheels. There the car was quickly reassembled in record time. This was only one of many examples and the amount of engineering genius and teamwork is very inspiring!

Next weekend, Simracing for Holland will compete with two cars in a virtual version of the 24 hour race. This will be broadcast live on the internet, and will include some of the fastest drivers on this planet.

Greetings from Sunny France,