Soundbyte 183: The way


It’s been a rough and emotional week for me. We’re finally getting settled in our new apartment which is a few kilometres away from our old one, a bit more to the center of Tel Aviv. Moving day was Sunday a week ago and everything seemed to be going well at first. We brought our two cats to their new home before the movers came and put them in one of the rooms with all the stuff they need. Unfortunately, we failed to close the door properly and as the movers came in with our stuff it slid open and one of our cats, Gioza, managed to find her way out and ran away to the streets of the new, unfamiliar neighbourhood.

We’ve spent the past week looking for her, hanging signs everywhere and talking to the local cat feeders around the place, but no sign of her yet. I am still hopeful though, as I’ve heard stories of cats traveling extremely long distances to find their old homes, sometimes even across continents. She’s a smart cat so I believe there’s a good chance that she’ll find her way across a few blocks in Tel Aviv. We’ve adopted Gioza together with her brother Bao (and named them after our favourite asian dumplings) a year and a half ago when they were very little. I hope they will be reunited soon.

My choice for this week’s soundbyte is ‘The Way’ by Neil Young. It’s the final track on his 2007 album ‘Chrome Dreams’. A beautiful and sad song but a hopeful one as well. So I’m dedicating it to Gioza with hope that she’ll find her way back home safely soon.


On a totally different note, April 23rd is approaching, which happens to be my birthday but is also the time for the very first Luminis DevCon! It’s a great chance to see some of my colleagues talk about current technological challenges and how the open source tools we develop here in Luminis can come together to provide complete solutions for many of them.

Amongst the many other interesting talks, I’m looking forward to seeing Sander and Paul talk about provisioning software to the Internet of Things using Apache ACE, a talk by Marcel on using OSGi remote services to implement Microservices and a talk by Jan Willem and Marc on simplified deployment using Docker and Kubernetes. There are also many talks in english, which is good because my dutch still needs ‘some’ work 🙂