What we do

Luminis is a software technology company that focuses on new and emergent technologies that offer the potential for exponential value creation.

  • We recruit and nurture the very best IT professionals.
  • We develop dynamic, reusable modular software components that allow us to build robust, scaleable, complex systems quickly.
  • We partner with domain experts to transform complex technology into customer and end-user propositions.

All of our propositions are based on our core competence – mastering our profession and delivering value. Our focus is the Internet, the Cloud and the interconnected device/Internet of Things (IoT):

Consulting & Projects

Technology Platforms

We provide consulting, development and support services to customers. We undertake assignments on a fixed price, fixed delivery, shared risk-reward or a time & materials basis. Our stack of reusable, dynamic, modular software components and (sub) systems offer flexible time-to-market advantages that are both robust and massively scalable.
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Business Solutions

Open Innovation

We provide tools and services that address complex development challenges and can be applied across multiple application domains. We collaborate and form partnerships with domain experts and specialists to bridge the gap between the complexity of technology and customer/end-user propositions.
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