Business Accelerators

We offer Service Propositions that combine technology, services and a systematic approach to accelerate the process of taking business concepts through to value:

  • Learning Technology: is a personalised learning environment that is conceived from a learner’s perspective. It provides a crucial enabling and partnering platform for implementing personalised learning strategies for customers.
  • Data Insights: Addresses “big data” opportunities and challenges presented by the (potential) availability of very large amounts of information that is often (semi) structured, present in a number of differing formats and includes real time data.
  • Intensive Design: An accelerated approach for taking an idea or concept through to a viable product or system. It features an incremental, multidisciplinary approach to working with a customer, based on developing tangible deliverables in very short time cycles.
  • Internet of Things: Smart Connected Systems
  • Recommender Solutions: Luminis’ Advanced Personalisation Engine, supplies the underlying technology and Data Science for building extensible, dynamic profiles of e.g. users, customers and using these to drive e.g. personalised recommendation systems, advanced navigation systems.