Smart Systems: things that evolve

To a lot of people, the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is generally thought of as connecting things to the Internet and using that connection to provide some kind of useful remote monitoring or control of those things. But by looking at IoT at this way, you are basically rebranding the existing Machine to Machine (M2M) market of today.

In our opinion, the IoT is ultimately about evolving solutions. Evolving in terms of information and behavior and with that potential business impact and value. And, in order to unlock that potential value, the overall development of Internet technology and connectivity need to be extended with a new generation of solutions. These main characteristics of these solutions will be data-intensity, evolvability and above all connectivity.

Historically, Internet connectivity began to proliferate in the 90’s into enterprise and consumer markets, but was still limited because of the low performance of the network. Over time, Internet connectivity has become the norm for enterprise, industrial and consumer products to provide access to information. The devices in these solutions, however, are still primarily things on the Internet that require more human interaction and monitoring through apps and interfaces. The true potential of IoT solutions will be realized when solutions, including their devices, start to respond dynamically.

To date, the world has deployed about 5 billion “smart” connected things. Predictions say that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion devices connected through the Internet. Some analysts even expect a trillion-node network of devices in our lifetime. These are really impressive numbers and only hint at the potential of these solutions.

For Luminis, the design and implementation of an effective and suitable IoT solution is part of our heritage. We have been involved in these types of systems since we were founded. By combining our experience, our Amdatu Open Source strategy and our IoT products, for instance Provisioning Service and Device Security, we can be your perfect sounding board and partner in business.