Recommender Solutions: Taking business personal

The combination of globalised markets and the ubiquitous character of the Internet results in a world where relations between people and businesses are constantly re-evaluated. This results in an ever-more volatile and individualised marketplace. This marketplace is radically changing the way that businesses interact with their customers.

Rather than focusing on “touch points” during the marketing and sales processes, businesses are more and more using intelligent algorithms and social technologies to form meaningful, ongoing relationships with customers. Engaging with customers is no longer a series of one-off experiences; it’s an ongoing dialogue. Surprisingly, these ongoing dialogues resemble dialogues between people: they usually express intent and achieve their goals by building on trust and open relations.

Luminis believes that acknowledging and understanding the human factor in on-line dialogues is crucial for success; we try to understand these ongoing dialogues using the following model:


Supporting meaningful dialogues in online channels is no simple challenge. For this purpose, Luminis has developed a solution that combines profiling technology, enabling systems to analyse the interaction with customers, with recommendation frameworks that enable you to bring focus and attention to specific parts of the online dialogue. Both technologies in this proposition are based on the Luminis Information Grid.