Open Innovation

The continuous and increasing pace of change has become so rapid that innovation can best be viewed as a wave or ‘tsunami’ of change – creating continuous opportunities at the forefront, while leaving little behind for those companies who fail to continuously embrace opportunities and stay ahead. Stronger even, within Luminis we have experienced time and again that innovation can not be seen as a linear or predictable process.

The power of sharing

Although there are best practices, we believe that the success of innovation is complex and engrained in human nature. And to tap into the power of the human condition Luminis actively pursues adventures: collaboration with organizations who acknowledge the power of sharing. Furthermore, we aim to enable the individual to exceed themselves using Open Source components in Open Innovation projects. Apart from our Open Source involvement, Luminis takes pride in numerous initiatives:

Open innovation & research projects

Our research is focused around the theme of evolving software systems and ubiquitous computing. Our latest research project is INAETICS. The INAETICS project is a collaboration between universities and companies to deliver a next generation architecture. Furthermore, we are involved in applying software technology in new solutions. Our involvement in Silicon Coppélia enabled scientists to further their research in the emotional self-regulation of caredroids, like Alice.

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