Device Security

Device Security: only connect the trusted

As the evolution of Internet technology reaches new levels of ubiquity, security practices require a redefinition to include networks of machines, instruments and even humans. Traditional approaches to security were, however, never designed to handle the scale and speed requirements of such networks

The agility, manageability and cost of security are typically the first victim of the shortcomings of conventional security approaches when applied to solutions that involve devices, machines, instruments and/or mobile devices. Most approaches were founded on assumptions that pre-date the ubiquitous Internet e.g. security is static and can be enforced hierarchically, threats can be categorised and recognised, and systems are relatively stable monoliths. In fact, internet-based attacks are increasingly global and dynamic in reality, as can be seen from this graphic.

Luminis has co-designed an inclusive security solution for large-scale distributed device networks, based on collaborative research undertaken with defence and utility companies. This solution incorporates years of experience to deliver an adaptive security design that makes it possible to enforce adaptive security strategies and control security definitions using zones and explicit profiles. Our security solution seamlessly integrates with the Luminis Provisioning Service, and can also be used as an isolated framework.

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