IoT Platform

We have all accepted that the world is becoming more and more connected. Initially, the Internet allowed people to connect, now it connects machines and introduces and Internet of Things or IoT. It’s undisputable that IoT also changes business. It not only opens up whole new opportunities, it also changes the way we do business. To get into this promising market and develop smart, connected products and solutions, companies must establish a new technology infrastructure. At the heart of device-related infrastructure is an IoT platform that allows you to manage, control and connect devices in a secure way. 

Our IoT platform

We started the development of the Luminis IoT Platform in the early 2000’s when everyone was talking about machine-to-machine or M2M. We now know that M2M was a precursor of the Internet of Things. Using our in-depth knowledge of OSGi and distributed computing, we developed our provisioning server and Open Sourced it under Apache ACE. By combining this technology with other IoT related Open Source projects, we have developed our platform for IoT solutions.

Luminis IoT platform


Maximizing the value of IoT solutions

The real value of IoT for businesses lies in the data. Each connected device can generate potentially millions of data points every day, but much of this data remains completely unused. Gathering and making sense of IoT data is no small task. By combining Luminis IoT Platform with our InformationGrid, you can automate the collection and processing of IoT data. This enables companies to extract more value from their IoT solutions by learning from data and applying new insights. Our platform also enables interoperability with third party systems and diverse data streams – essential to ongoing success in the complex, evolving IoT landscape.


Benefits of our IoT Platform

  • Zero Lock-In

    Our fully Open Source model ensures that customers can always expect complete fidelity with the upstream Open Source projects like Apache ACE, Apache Felix and other projects we integrate with.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    A powerful, yet easy-to-use interface enables applications and solutions to be created faster than manually coding or trying to connect disparate frameworks or technologies.

  • Simplicity

    A highly intuitive user interface with rapid application development tools simplifies the process of connecting and modeling things for the most experienced developers and beginners alike.

  • Single Platform

    One platform with myriad capabilities for building IoT solutions provides a one-stop-shop for developers to build scalable, interoperable, production-grade applications, eliminating time lost to working with disparate technologies.

  • Connected Data Fabric

    By combining our Device Platform with the InformationGrid, we can easily enhance your solution with data-driven analytics and insights. This allows you to use “thing” data to enable enterprises to understand the past, anticipate what will happen going forward, maximize opportunity, and minimize risk.

  • Secure by design

    The end-to-end security of our Device Platform simplifies the development of secure solutions. The underlying design is based on the results of the joint research project INAETICS.