Provisioning Service

Provisioning Service: embracing the device lifecycle

With the ever-increasing impact connected online devices, it has become apparent that the development of smart services using these devices can be recognised as one of the business success-factors. These smart services need to be able to evolve with customer demand, thus introducing the need for short lifecycles and controlled roll-outs.

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The Provisioning Service exactly addresses this need! It provides for an end-to-end solution that features a complete runtime environment, as well as an enabling architectural blueprint and a huge Open Source community to tap into.

The Provisioning Service is largely based on the Apache ACE project, which was conceived by Luminis in 2009. The Provisioning Service supports multiple deployment scenarios, ranging from direct connections through Over-the-Air deployment, up to and including relayed deployments. Relayed deployments enable controlled roll-outs in high-secure environments.

Using state-of-art Continuous Integration and staged roll-out models, the Provisioning Service seamlessly integrates into the development process. And by implementing the blueprint architecture, it is possible to support numerous deployment artefacts, including configuration data, map information and (partial) software updates.

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