White papers

Open Traffic Alliance

Next generation traffic content management systems. This paper presents a vision on how public and private traffic content and systems will converge enabling new innovations for road users as well as added value for private parties and governmental bodies.

Software Architecture evolution in an Open World

Introducing the INAETICS project. The INAETICS project is a publicly funded collaboration where a number of industry-parties collaborate to design an open and robust architecture.

Recommendation in e-commerce

Luminis believes that acknowledging and understanding the human factor in on-line dialogues is
crucial for success.

Cloud Computing

In our opinion Cloud Computing is one of the big change agents that is changing the way we view information technology.

Guide to Big Data 2014, The developer's guide to data science.

Luminis' Sander Mak wrote an article in the fifth DZone Research Guide: The developer's guide to data science. ''Big Data is not just about making fancy business intelligence reports for management.''