Gazar about Luminis; “No empty promises”


Gazar Ajroumjan worked for another company for a while after college, dabled in midlancing, but eventually decided he could learn more in a permanent position. That is how he ended up at Luminis.

Tell us Gazar, what was your job interview at Luminis like?

I almost canceled my job interview with Luminis. Two more companies were interested in me and I thought I would just choose one of them. In the end I went to see Luminis, and until this day I do not regret this decision. The conversation was fun, something instantly clicked. What particularly attracted me to Luminis is that there is a lot of room for personal development. At first I thought this was just a sales pitch, after all, every company makes new IT-ers those kinds of promises. But at Luminis things where different: there is no fixed training buget, if you can explain why you need a certain course, you will be able to partake.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?

The first project I worked on was really fun: developing a lead motion controller. I had no idea that Luminis had such interesting, innovative projects, in that respect the website does not do the organisation justice. Although it was my first project, I was given a lot of freedom. I was allowed to choose which techniques I wanted to use and how I would implement everything with the help of a designer.

At the moment I work at VGZ, where we are designing a chatbot, which is also a very interesting project. In the future I want to focus on the business side. That is why I am doing an MA in Management at Nyenrode. Software is very interesting, but I do not want to limit myself by specialising in just one area of expertise. In addition to my work, I have been running my own company for about eight years, which is currently on the back burner, but I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship.

Luminis and its future, how do you think we will evolve?

I see a bright future for Luminis: the technical sector is growing rapidly and I expect that it will continue to grow in the coming years. Luminis is doing very well, but to keep up you also have to keep asking yourself critical questions and taking on new challenges.

Besides all that, Luminis is a pleasant workplace. I get along well with my colleagues and we have a great relationship as a team!