Customer stories

Dümmen Orange

With the catalog built by Luminis, Dümmen Orange can properly inform its customers by making all specific properties easily findable.


The design of a new interface by engaging the end users in usability testing.


The smart software makes it easier for Bronkhorst's customers to install, test, modify and read out products.

Randstad Enterprise Solutions

Improving the Talent Management process for large global customers using AWS server less cloud technology

Van Oord: gain valuable insights from fragmented data

Luminis did a broad evaluation to determine if Van Oord’s existing data landscape was still aligned with its vision.

Research Solutions

Digitizing and automating the literature search process for regulated and knowledge-intensive companies. That's what they are doing at Research Solutions with Curedatis.

EK Retail

All applications and news updates in one central location. Realized with Azure cloud technology.

Link Nederland

Efficiency, speed and reliable service are essential for all Link Lima customers when borrowing medical instruments.


Reading out and reprogramming motor settings is often reserved for technicians, or people using Jifeline.

Goudappel: cloud-native strategie

Luminis helps Goudappel outline its transformation strategy and continuously improve its software delivery process.

OHRA cloud migration

Luminis migrated all OHRA's custom applications from an on-premises data center to the Cloud beats the competition due to a better converting search engine and a scalable partner channel.

Albert Heijn (AH)

Smart algorithms to ensure that customers can find the right products as quickly and effectively as possible.

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

BDR Thermea

With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.

De Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij

How many minutes do your employees spend per day in the office searching for information? This can be reduced with an optimal search experience!

Official F1® Racing Centre

Esports has experienced a significant advance in recent years. Esports has long outgrown the stage of gaming in the living room or bedroom.

Huuskes: a digital transformation

"As a company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis. They are committed, realistic and proactive. Luminis helps Huuskes to distinguish itself in the market", says Gerben Hengeveld.


Roparun is one of the largest charities of Holland and aims to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Luminis is an IT partner of Roparun.

Van Dam Maintenance and Repair

Design and develop an MVP to explore new service offerings.


Manage different accounts from different banks within one app.

Kamer van Koophandel

Replacement of Google search engine by Elasticsearch.


Luminis has been responsible for two search engines. The first is used by Bookspot employees while managing product-related content. This component consists of an API...


Donate money to refugees in a direct and transparent way, at minimal costs. guiding consumers through the world of private leasing

Future innovations can be implemented efficiently and quickly.

Eijsink booq

Eijsink offers total solutions for the retail and catering industry. Their new Booq product line features a new series of connected terminals.

Onboard: the Internet of Ships

By addings sensors and smart software to ships, OnBoard allows vessel companies to increase their operational efficiency.

Teaching students to work with medical models in 3D

Dave (Talking CT) provides an interactive environment for medical professionals to refine their skills when working with 3D models and images.

Silicon Coppélia: Caredroid Alice

Research project with VU Amsterdam. The aim of the software is to align emotional intelligence and moral reasoning.