Develop an app that enhances the user experience

Luminis is helping Bronkhorst make its products more user friendly for customers.

Building smart software makes it easier for Bronkhorst’s customers to install, test, modify and read out products. Bronkhorst is a global player in flow solutions with an extensive range of flow meters and controllers for gasses and liquids and customer specific flow systems. These instruments are used in various industries such as laboratories of research institutes, mechanical engineering and industrial applications.


Working together to create the right applications

For the launch of a new product FLEXI-FLOW™, Bronkhorst asked Luminis to help develop an app that would enhance the user experience and usability of this product.

Bronkhorst develops hardware to enable communication between a mobile app and the flow solutions. To quickly clarify its functionality, phasing and investment, we started this process with a Design Sprint. In 4 days, a concrete design direction of the app was defined and a testable prototype was designed to gather feedback from users. During the design and development of the application, functionalities were tested on a regular basis to ensure that the development of the app could be adjusted if necessary to meet the required functionality and usability.

For us, Luminis is a software partner that has in-house knowledge of aspects where we lack the knowledge ourselves. Our own engineers like to plunge down in one subject. To get where we want to go, Luminis as a partner helps us develop innovative solutions and enables us to help our customers even better.
Ahad Djafari
Product Manager

Keep innovating together with customers

Bronkhorst is keen to continue innovating together with its customers.

Their own IT department is mainly concerned with maintaining the current IT landscape. These engineers have a lot of knowledge and expertise, but for the development of new software, Luminis was chosen as an external cooperation partner.
The customers that Bronkhorst serves operate in different markets where the functional requirements and wishes sometimes vary greatly. To respond to this, the development process must be as flexible as possible and it is important that products themselves are also adaptable to the needs of different customers.

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