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Business Alignment
Discover our agile approaches to keep your tech and business goals aligned.
With our 20+ years of experience, we are experts in what we do.
We give you continued insight in the work we do.
What we do

Our expertise

We have over 20 years of experience in cloud and data solutions
and over 150+ certified cloud engineers and consultants.

Digital Strategy


We help you devise your IT strategy and execute your IT modernization.

Luminis plays a crucial role in helping organizations use modern technologies to achieve business objectives, ensuring performance, security, and efficiency.

Concepting & Design

This is more than visual aesthetics, extending to behavior and functionality in digital products and services.

Our designers and strategists incorporate different stakeholders and utilize rapid testing and development to find effective solutions. This ensures advantages as control, resilience, and cost efficiency.

Design Sprint

Design Sprints put months of research, ideation and decision-making into four days.

Sprints allow teams to quickly determine the feasibility, attractiveness, and commercial viability. Luminis helps you accelerate innovation for successful project launches.


It is crucial to understand your users, customers and the domain in which you operate.

Discovery provides insights to ensure you provide real solutions to actual problems. Our teams employ different methods, like domain-driven design, event-storming, design sprints to establish a solid foundation for a successful development process.

Digital Transformation

Redefine your objectives, reflect on your business goals and amplify your value.

We offer guidance, training, and services that empower your organization to succesfully execute a digital transformation. We do this together with our group Yuma.

Customer stories

Companies that benefit
from digital strategy services

Berlinger reference case
Bronkhorst reference case
Huuskes Reference Case
Van Oord reference case

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