Why teams?

A self-steering team requres less management from your side as a customer. We support your product management.
In a team we deliver more value via a higher productivity which we measure and present continuously.
An experienced team has a lower error margin. We follow our top-level Software development proces and way of working.
Shorter time-to-value
Through our process, the building blocks in our Way of Working and the Tooling, we use we have a shorter time-tovalue and a shorter release cycle.
Knowledge sharing at Luminis
What we do

We're better together

Accelerating innovation, that’s our goal. And we do this best when we work in teams. From day one, we recognize that innovation comes from collaboration.

Working with Luminis teams has numerous benefits for all stakeholders. You get to choose what you need: a team that is custom made for you, or to reap the benefits of one our fixed teams.

What we offer

Our teams

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Customer team

A team that works for one customer.

  • A Luminis team is put together specifically for you.
  • The size and expertise in the team is tailored to your situation and needs.
  • As much flexibility as you need.
  • Contract for at least 3 months, budget-driven.
  • UI/UX and Architecture design where necessary.
  • Backlog is managed for you.
  • Optional: management of your cloud environment (managed services).
Samenwerken bij Luminis

Fixed Team

A team that works for multiple customers.

  • Use the capacity of a trained team of 6.
  • The team works for multiple (maximum 4) customers in parallel.
  • You get the continous benefits of a complete team without having to contract a full-time team.
  • Annual contract, with the option to adjust the percentage per quarter.
  • We take care of the team staffing +  UI/UX and Architecture design where necessary (shared across teams).
  • The backlog is managed per customer.
  • Optional: management of your cloud environment (managed services).
Customer Stories

Companies that benefit
from our teams.

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Bronkhorst reference case
Huuskes Reference Case

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