Who we are

We are passionate IT consultants specializing in Cloud and data

We are convinced that a shared passion and pleasure in our work leads to the best results. That’s why we like to work in teams and have strong partnerships with cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Our goal is to accelerate innovation, by developing IT solutions to perform ahead of the crowd.

Samenwerken bij Luminis
Our core values

Luminis Way of Working


From day 1, craftsmanship has been deeply woven into everything we do. Continuously getting better at what you do. Learn every day and share your knowledge. Sharing knowledge is part of our DNA.


Innovation comes through collaboration. This is the foundation for success. There is no room for soloists at Luminis. We do not work for, but with our customers and partners.

Ownership and commitment

Luminis employees are proactive and do not wait for something to be asked. We do what is necessary to achieve the desired result. Do we spot opportunities? Then we tackle it proactively.

Realizing ambitions

Our goal is to perform ahead of the crowd. For our customers and for all Luminis employees. We keep raising the bar and pushing the standard.

Who we are

Meet our experts

We have over 20 years of experience in cloud and data solutions
and over 150+ certified cloud engineers and consultants.

We embrace constant tech changes, turning complexity into expertise.

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