Working with Luminis is different… we know, everybody says this, but here are a few reasons why we believe that this statement is true.

What we stand for

Luminis is all about designing and building great software. We aim to make a difference through mastery of our profession, rather than a business that just sees IT as an opportunity to make money. We also believe in sharing. We’ve been contributing to the Open Source community since we started. And every year we organize a knowledge-sharing developers’ conference aimed at sharing experience with the developer community. Check out our movie!

Who you will work with

Not only will you work with great colleagues (everyone says this as well), but you will find a rich mix of cultures, ideas, backgrounds and interests. While their common attributes are enthusiasm, curiosity and a desire to learn, you will also meet non-conformist, original and argumentative colleagues that will inspire and (sometimes) amuse you.

Your choices: how we help

At Luminis we aim to empower you. Both you and Luminis benefit if your personal reputation and skillset are continuously improved. Proactively exploring areas that interest you is the best way to achieve this. You will have the opportunity to work with and support our customers, but also to work in our product development organization. If you would like to deliver papers at national conferences, the leading international conferences or even write/co-author a book – we will encourage and support you.

What we’re looking for

All professional experience is good, and our employment conditions reflect this, but we understand that smart IT-ers can learn very quickly in the right environment. The magic is in the mixture.

We are always looking for real talent and we realize that sometimes the least arrogant individuals are, or can become, real stars. Whether you’re an exceptionally experienced IT whizz, or a less experienced professional with the potential to learn and grow quickly, get in touch with us. If working in the forefront of technology, learning, exploring and making a difference sounds like fun, imagine how much more fun we could be having together.


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