Creating innovations together

From our various offices, over 200 colleagues work on high-tech solutions for customers. We believe that our passion for technology and innovation enables us to give customers a head start. That’s what we like about our jobs!

Why Luminis?

Because we are at the forefront of tech and you will work with experts!

We develop unique IT solutions with a group of talented people. The best innovations, and the most beautiful moments arise through collaboration.

  • 100+ diverse customers, including major brands such as Albert Heijn, Nike and
  • For your ambitions and personal development you will get a lot of space
  • Get started with a variety of challenges

Our core values

Collaboration results in the best innovations and unforgettable moments

Exponential growth in value for customers does not come about easily. That is why we deem values such as craftsmanship, taking responsibilities, realising ambitions and cooperation of utmost importance. Our colleagues actively gain new knowledge and develop skills in order to share these with colleagues and customers.


Entrepreneurship and initiative

What do you want from your job? Do you want to give it your everything each day and shape your career yourself? Then this is the place to be!


A homebase

Being big, but staying approachable, how can we achieve that? For us at Luminis it's important that everyone feels at home



How can you be the best at your job? And how do you keep developing? This will happen naturally when you work together with people who are experts in their field!


Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is one of the few things that augments when it's shared. We like sharing what we learn and drawing inspiration from the expertise of others.


Learning and experimenting

To get ahead, we need to experiment. But we can't always get it right the first time. We understand the importance of making mistakes, as they help us move forward.

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