New business partners, larger customers

Jifeline has grown from a disruptive start-up in the automotive branche to a key player in the industry.

Jifeline offers a unique service that enables car dealers and car repair shops to diagnose a car system remotely. Luminis helps Jifeline to realize scalability and flexibility via a cloud-native environment. We’re also working together on continuous improvement of the user experience and the Jifeline apps. This enables Jifeline to grow and adapt to changes in customer demand.

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New technologies for remote diagnoses and programming of car software lead to new opportunities

Cars used to be mechanical systems but nowadays they’re almost fully electronic. Car mechanics are being replaced by software engineers.

Only brand dealers used to be able to monitor and program board computers. Until Jifeline developed their unique diagnostic tool that enables every car dealer and car repair shop to diagnose and program a car’s software. This gave them a larger customer base and therefore more opportunities.

We noticed right away that Luminis has a lot of experience. But the Luminis consultants would also ask us challenging questions about our planning or roadmap and our way of working. I really appreciated that.
Joep Brunsveld
Software Developer

Added value through design

Due to the increasing possibilities of Jifeline’s solutions and new wishes of their customers, Jifeline’s applications have also been redesigned.

The UI and working method of the app now think more along with the mechanic in the garage. This has led to lower errors when entering data, and the faster creation of requests to Jifeline. This means that both the professionals at garages and the engineers at Jifeline can program the car more quickly. Visually, more consistency and tranquility has been brought, which has strengthened the user-friendliness.


Utilizing scalability in the AWS Cloud

Luminis guides Jifeline in their AWS Cloud journey so Jifeline can grow its business through scalability in the AWS Cloud.

This enables Jifeline to expand their business and grow their customer base using a stabile Cloud environment. As Jifeline’s customer base is growing steadily and using their service, scalability isn’t the only factor of importance. Usability of the Jifeline app is just as important in adding value to their customers.
It’s been a real privilege for Luminis to be Jifeline’s partner in developing both the technical solutions and the design of the app.

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