Impact on organizational efficiency and service quality

Link Lima Nederland aims to provide a unique standard of service from the first contact to the operating room.

Link Lima Nederland supplies and supports the use of orthopedic implants and instruments for hip, shoulder and knee surgery. The company supplies standard products but its customers are hospitals with all different requirements. So the services Link offers and the systems it uses need to be customized.

Product Strategy

All data available in one place

Luminis developed a Loan Tool that did away with paper

Link and its customers are committed to delivering quality service and efficiency. Records of the implants supplied and instruments lent to hospitals used to be kept in Excel or on paper. This meant that there were double records and some of the information was not computerized.
The Loan Tool was developed to increase efficiency by logging all of the necessary data at once. The tool is more sophisticated than a standard workflow management system. It logs and combines various kinds of order-related data, from stock management to tasks and logistics.

When it comes to business processes, Luminis is a creative thought partner. They were interested in our procedures and keen to understand them without any value judgment. They translated their observations into a custom software solution.
Wouter Watermulder
Customer Support and Logistics
LINK Lima Nederland

Greater overview and better insights through automation

With the Loan Tool, Link Lima Nederland now has more insight into its customers and a clearer overview of their orders. This has improved processes within the organization.

Stock management and logistics procedures are less prone to error. The tool enables the two departments to work together more effectively and plan ahead. It also makes it easier to deal with urgent requests.
“Working online was a new experience for Link. I kept everyone informed from the start and involved them in what we were doing. This helped. From the first request onwards, Excel and paper were a thing of the past. Now everyone works with the Loan Tool.” – Wouter Watermulder (Customer Support and Logistics)

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