Daniël Spee

Search Engineer

Daniël is a driven professional software developer who is always looking for challenges. He is a real team player and loves to put together a great product or develop a great solution with his team. Communication is important for him, both with team members and with customers, to ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible. He finds constructive criticism an important part in this. In his spare time, Daniël also works on private projects to bring his knowledge to a higher level. In addition, he can apply new knowledge that he gains that does not fit within his current work project in practice. He is therefore aware that you have never learned in the field.


Using Machine Learning to Improve Search – Part 1 of 5

Large Language Models and Generative AI Machine learning (ML) is a powerful tool to optimize search engines and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Using ML can result in more accurate and contextually relevant search results. ML algorithms can analyze vast...


The new Elasticsearch 7: Why I think you should upgrade

Elasticsearch 7 has been released for almost two months now and Elastic claims it’s the fastest, safest, most resilient, easiest to use version of Elasticsearch ever. After attending the Elastic Stack 7 Highlight meetup from Elastic at their HQ three...

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