Edi Recica

Solution Architect

Driven, curious, self-taught and service-oriented are words that describe Edi well. As a team player, he not only takes the interests of the customer into account, but also those of his colleagues. His extensive interest in IT in general and passion for Cloud infrastructure and security in particular enable him to quickly adapt to new systems and pursue continuous development.

In addition to developing scalable applications and infrastructure, Edi is also passionate and proactive in looking for possible improvements within existing applications and/or infrastructural landscapes.
From the DevSecOps point of view, Edi is continuously looking for improvement in the cooperation between the DevOps and Security teams and the implementation of “security by design” within an organisation. By applying the “Shift left” principle, goals such as improving quality, development process, business value and risk management of an application are achieved and any vulnerabilities in the development process are discovered and resolved in a timely manner. Creating awareness and sharing knowledge in the area of security is a recurring part of his duties.

The wide range of clients in different industries – from small and medium-sized businesses to corporate organisations – with whom Edi have had the opportunity to work with in recent years, has given him the opportunity to work on challenging assignments in the field of Cloud infrastructure and security and to apply his broad knowledge and to pursue continuous development.


Cybersecurity Awareness | Phishing

In October 2004 U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cybersecurity Alliance launched Cybersecurity Awareness month in effort to create awareness and helping individuals to protect themselves. Since 2012 this idea has been adopted by ENISA (European Union Agency...


Developing a (Cloud) Security strategy 

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