Jeroen Reijn

Cloud Solution Architect

Passionate about building and delivering solutions in the Cloud ☁️. Pragmatic engineer and hands-on Architect with a strong focus on web based systems. Worked within the Enterprise Content Management space for more than a decade and has seen the web (and devices) change from delivering static content to fully dynamic and rich interactive user experiences.

Active CI/CD practitioner and enjoys working with high performant (distributed) systems, container technology and serverless in a DevOps environment.

Loves to share his passion and knowledge with others and is a regular speaker at conferences, meetups and training courses.


Analyze and debug Quarkus based AWS Lambda functions with X-Ray

Serverless architectures, like AWS Lambda, have emerged as a paradigm-shifting approach to building, fast, scalable and cost efficient applications. While Serverless architectures provide unparalleled flexibility, they also introduce new challenges in terms of monitoring and troubleshooting. In this blog post,...


Improve AWS security and compliance with cdk-nag

AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is a powerful tool that allows developers to define cloud infrastructure in code using familiar programming languages like TypeScript, Python, and Java. However, as with any infrastructure-as-code tool, it’s important to ensure that the...

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Training: Docker

This training consists of a day full of theory and hands-on assignments surrounding Docker technology. The training will address the choice of container technology, the design and construction of containers in Docker, and the implementation and maintenance thereof. Participants will...

Date:6 september 2022

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