Jeroen Reijn

Cloud Solution Architect

Passionate about building and delivering solutions in the Cloud ☁️. Pragmatic engineer and hands-on Architect with a strong focus on web based systems. Worked within the Enterprise Content Management space for more than a decade and has seen the web (and devices) change from delivering static content to fully dynamic and rich interactive user experiences.

Active CI/CD practitioner and enjoys working with high performant (distributed) systems, container technology and serverless in a DevOps environment.

Loves to share his passion and knowledge with others and is a regular speaker at conferences and meetups.

Migrating a Spring Boot service from Java 11 to Kotlin

At my current project we’ve just finished migrating a Spring Boot 2.1.x service from Java 11 to Kotlin. While doing so we’ve learned quite a few things along the way and I created some notes that I wanted to share in case somebody else runs into the same issues. It was our first Kotlin migration […]

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