Jettro Coenradie

Fellow / Search Evangelist

When I was approached in 2014 to start a new Luminis business unit together with Sander Pagie, I seized this opportunity with both hands. What a journey that has become. Together with Sander I set up the business, shaped the team and helped many customers. I think it is important to work together with a multi-disciplinary team on strategic solutions for (search) related challenges for clients.

I am an experienced software architect with a focus on search technology. For years I have been working on the best search solutions for clients based on tools such as Elasticsearch and Solr. In addition to designing the architecture of search solutions, I still enjoy programming myself. Develop your own APIs based on, for example, a spring boot, build your own interfaces with React and think for yourself about the best way to make all that beauty available to users. This is possible via cloud-based solutions, but also on dedicated hardware.

In addition to providing search solutions, I also enjoy talking to others about this. I have already helped many teams with an elastic search training. I also spoke about search-related topics at several conferences.

Java with Lambda does not have to be slow

As a seasoned Java programmer, usually with Spring Boot, it hurts to learn that most lambdas use JavaScript/TypeScript. What if you want to keep writing your Lambda in Java? A query in google teaches us that Quarkus is the way...

AWS Lambda here, there and everywhere

Everybody is talking about serverless, and with serverless comes serverless functions. Small pieces of code (in theory) that receive an event (input) and return a message (output). They do not need a server. Therefore they are serverless, and they scale...

Let’s talk about the Elastic license change

Is it a bomb under the open source model, or a genius move to protect their business from pirates? On January 14, 2021 a blog post was published on Elastic’s website, titled: licensing change. In this blog post, they announced...

Building resilient connections using a circuit breaker

Software systems are more and more integrated systems. They integrate with datastores, with log and monitoring systems, with services provided by other components (micro-services) and with SAAS from external parties. When using the cloud to run software components, they need...

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