Jettro Coenradie

Fellow / Search Evangelist

When I was approached in 2014 to start a new Luminis business unit together with Sander Pagie, I seized this opportunity with both hands. What a journey that has become. Together with Sander I set up the business, shaped the team and helped many customers. I think it is important to work together with a multi-disciplinary team on strategic solutions for (search) related challenges for clients.

I am an experienced software architect with a focus on search technology. For years I have been working on the best search solutions for clients based on tools such as Elasticsearch and Solr. In addition to designing the architecture of search solutions, I still enjoy programming myself. Develop your own APIs based on, for example, a spring boot, build your own interfaces with React and think for yourself about the best way to make all that beauty available to users. This is possible via cloud-based solutions, but also on dedicated hardware.

In addition to providing search solutions, I also enjoy talking to others about this. I have already helped many teams with an elastic search training. I also spoke about search-related topics at several conferences.


Decoding Similarity Search with FAISS: A Practical Approach

I am preparing for a series of conference talks and workshops on Retrieval Augmented Generation. With my strong information retrieval (search) background, I have been working on vector-based technologies. I found some excellent resources on using FAISS from James Briggs....


Introduction of Frank and Amy at HaystackConf USA

Last week, at the end of April 2023, I attended the HaystackConf in Charlottesville, USA. HaystackConf is the conference to participate in if you are a search relevance engineer. With over a hundred people attending on-site and more than a...


Learn Elasticsearch from my liveProject at Manning

I like to share my knowledge. I have written 100s of blogs, performed 10s of talks at conferences, and trained 100s of people during onsite training programs. This week I reached a new milestone in my knowledge-sharing endeavor. This week...

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