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Luminis editorial

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MediGrid improves the speed and quality of medical research

During the corona crisis, Luminis Technologies in Apeldoorn worked hard on a solution that improves data quality and research options at various English hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. There is now international interest in this innovation. Luminis Technologies has decided...

Flexible immutability with Jackson and Lombok

This blog describes how to model JSON serializable data classes in a clean way, allowing for immutability at compile time and flexibility at runtime. When modelling my data classes, I often find myself combining Lombok and Jackson. However, these frameworks...

Solr managed resources filters

Solr has a nice functionality called managed resources. Solr provides a couple of them but makes it quite easy to add your own. In this blog post, I’d like to take a concrete example and go through through the steps...

Migrating to Azure Function v3 in 5 minutes

Azure Function v3 is now officially ready for production! And as a .NET developer I’m happy that I finally can use this new version. It provides netcore 3.x support. You can start using the latest improvements from Netcore and start...

Neo4j For Python Users and Broken Pipe Error

Neo4j is probably the most favorite graph database for many developers by providing: Biggest and Most Active Graph Community Highly Performant Read and Write Scalability High Performance Ease of use Free licenses As a data scientist, I enjoy every moment...

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