Nico Krijnen

Cloud Solution Architect

Nico is a leader with deep technical skills and broad business acumen. Nico is an explorer at heart. Navigating the ever-changing technology landscape, he translates available options into practical solutions for complex problems.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in building beautiful, easy-to-use products. Besides leading teams and giving direction, he likes to roll up his sleeves. He works with the development teams, keeps his feet on the ground and experiences first-hand how (and whether) the latest technologies work in the real world. He has extensive experience in building, maintaining and running cloud software in production. He masters the full stack, including infrastructure, delivery, backend, APIs, web, desktop and mobile frontends.

All that experience allows him to help organisations define their vision and strategy on both a technical and organisational level, always ensuring that they are rooted in the business needs. He then guides teams in translating that vision into reality, either through workshops, training or hands-on pair programming. At the same time, he ensures knowledge transfer of best-practice ways of working and technical skills that support this.


Traceable tests

Have you ever spent hours or days trying to figure out why some API test is failing? Whenever something like that happens to me, my immediate thought is: what could have helped me find this problem faster? Unit tests are...

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Training: Clean Code

Clean Code is the foundation of healthy software and a happy development teams. Yet few developers have had the opportunity to properly learn this. Description The authors of the Agile Manifesto forgot to tell us something… probably because it was...

Date:12 October 2022

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