Rick de Ruiter

Full Stack Engineer

I have been working as a Developer at Luminis since October 2022.

My love for coding developed later on in my life. I have a background in Marketing and Branding but during my work it became clear that the beta aspects interested me much more than the gamma aspects. For example, I thrived when I could get involved with manipulating data, working with databases, or watching the backend of our IT department. When I came into contact with development, the spark was immediately there and I started to retrain with great enthusiasm. However, with my experience in the field of marketing and branding I know how to build a good bridge between what the customer wants and the actual end product.

Nowadays I am working with Java, SQL, Apache Camel, Spring Boot and I can call myself an Oracle Certified Professional.

In my spare time I like to be in nature on a climbing wall or to be found at a good concert in the city.

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