Roberto van der Linden

Software Developer

Roberto finds creating the best user experience one of the most important things within a project. He likes to see what this looks like together with the client. Whether this is by creating a mobile application or by facilitating various workshops, Roberto will realise and shape this with the client and the users in order to arrive at a valuable solution. As a Developer and Lead within Luminis Amsterdam, Roberto knows the importance of good collaboration within projects. SCRUM is thereby the framework for guaranteeing successes, which is partly the reason that Roberto did the Certified Scrum Master course and obtained his certificate. Roberto has successfully managed several project teams. Roberto is someone who can make a team work better. He prefers to do this with a dose of humor and a lot of energy. He finds it very important to communicate well with all stakeholders, together ensuring that the most suitable solution is realised that meets the wishes of stakeholders.


Kids, a game and some CSS animations

Once in a while I need a project to experiment with some new technology. This time I thought it would be cool to learn some CSS animations and to find out how to communicate with my Philips Hue lights. I...


Indoor positioning at our developer conference

A few months ago we had a meeting with a potential client. They told us that they were looking into indoor navigation/positioning so they could use that to provide visitors of their events a better experience. After some research and...


Object mapping magic with MapStruct

In our projects we often have several Java objects that needs to be mapped to other objects, depending on it’s purpose. One of the most common cases is a domain item that needs a representation on the frontend. Another case is...

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